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The Golden Touch

Today’s Verse:

And his master saw that the LORD was with him, and that the LORD made all that he did to prosper in his hand. ~Genesis 39:3


The golden touch is taken from a fable about a king who was incredibly rich. Whatever he touched turned to gold. It is a now a term that describes someone who is successful at anything he touches. He is able to start successful businesses. He is successful in making good investment decisions. Whatever he touches turns to gold. As we read the first few verses in Genesis 39 about Joseph in Potiphar’s house, whatever he did prospered in his hand. Joseph seemed to embody the golden touch in his life.

We see the property.

Joseph came to Potiphar as his purchased slave. He became the property of Potiphar. Joseph had no rights. Joseph was in the most humbling place a person could be in life. Before God can use us, we must humble ourselves before Him. We must come to Him as people who acknowledge that we are nothing, have nothing, and can do nothing without Him. Joseph was in a country where he had to learn a new language, adapt to a new culture, and work his way up from the bottom. We must realize that we have been bought with a price and must glorify God in our body and in our spirit. The starting point in this is through humility.

We see the presence.

“The LORD was with Joseph.” Joseph had the presence of the Lord in everything he did. Joseph was so surrendered in humility that God was pleased to bless Joseph in everything he did. Potiphar may have had numerous slaves working for him, but, until Joseph came, he had never seen such blessings on his household. Potiphar made a spiritual connection between Joseph’s faith and how things prospered in his house. Joseph had God’s presence because he prayed and walked with the Lord. He prayed over his responsibilities. When God’s presence is on our life, God blesses the lives of those He has placed us with. Potiphar was better off because of Joseph. Potiphar saw God working through Joseph. Do people around you sense that the presence of God is on your life?

We see the promotion.

Potiphar promoted Joseph to be overseer of his house. This was a huge and trusted promotion. Joseph was trusted with everything having to do with Potiphar’s household: his finances, his agriculture, the other servants, and the management of his affairs. Joseph was the most trusted steward of Potiphar. Joseph proved his capabilities and faithfulness and became, hands-down, the man who could assure Potiphar’s success. He was promoted to being the most important man working for Potiphar. All of this can be traced back to one thing: the presence of God continuously at work in his life.

We see the prosperity.

The Lord blessed Potiphar for Joseph’s sake. Christians should be a source of blessing in their jobs, their families, their volunteer service, their ministries, and whatever God places in their way. I believe that when a church has God’s hand on it, God blesses the city that the church is in. I believe that a Christian who has God’s presence brings God’s blessing on a company he works for. When a missionary pours his life into the area he is called to labor in, the presence of God will work mightily in that area. Joseph had more than a golden touch: he had the touch of God on what he did. God must touch us first before He will touch others. Be a channel of blessing to other people by allowing the presence of God to work in and through you.

Have a golden God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: 1 Kings 21-22

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