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The Lord My Shield

Today’s Verse:

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. ~Psalm 28:7


As an experienced warrior, David understood the importance of having a shield in battle. A shield is an important source of protection in combat. It can deflect the swing of a sword or knife in close combat. It can provide valuable protection when arrows are shot or a spear is hurled. Having a shield increases the odds of survival in a battle and gives a defensive edge against the enemy. David recognized that the Lord is our strength and shield.

We see the safeguard.

The shield protects a soldier against his enemies. It is a weapon of defense. With a shield, your odds for survival in combat increase dramatically. Shields are constructed to be durable and to withstand sharp swords and arrows. When the enemy shoots a volley of fiery arrows, a defender can safely hide behind his shield. Our Lord is a shield Who safely protects us from the harm of the enemy. We are in a daily, spiritual battle with the invisible forces of Satan. With the Lord as our shield, we have a reliable safeguard.

We see the sufficiency.

David said that the Lord was his strength and shield. David had complete confidence in the Lord’s protection. You can trust God to shield you. This does not mean that the enemy won’t shoot his arrows or take a swipe at you with his sword, but it does mean that the enemy can’t hurt you. In battle, you can become weary of holding the shield for a long period of time. David learned that God gives us needed strength so that, while we are being shielded, we can also withstand and endure every attack. David further said, “I am helped.” With the Lord as our strength and shield, there is no attack or battle that is too great for us. When we feel like we are outnumbered, the Lord gives us the winning edge. We are more than conquerors with the Lord. The Lord is a powerful shield that cannot be broken or compromised and does not need improvement. The Lord is a shield that cannot be penetrated.

We see the celebration.

“…Therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.” Knowing the Lord as our shield changes the outlook in our battles. Our confidence in God leads to a joyful worship of God. First, our attitude and spirit are bolstered. We are moved to greatly rejoice. Rejoicing is when we thank the Lord with a heart and hands that are lifted up in worship and adoration. Second, as we worship the Lord, our song gives praise and glory. There are more battles we will face, but as long as we trust in God as our shield, we have a song to sing to the Lord.

A shield is a necessity and a plus in battle. With the Lord as our shield, we realize that without Him, we can do nothing. It means you have to learn to trust in God. It means you have to let go of self-preservation instincts and have faith in the strong arm of the Lord. He is our pillar of cloud by day and our fire by night. As our shield, no weapon that is formed shall prosper against you.

Have a shielded God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Philippians 1-4

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