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The Lord's Face

The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: ~Numbers 6:25


To be in someone’s face can have various meanings. In one sense, it can have a threatening meaning and be implied that one person has the intent of intimidating or hurting another. In another sense, it can have a good meaning and refer to having the favor of another. The Lord was speaking to Moses and wanted him to convey a message of encouragement to Aaron and his sons who served in the priesthood.

We see a priority in this message.

In order to have the face of the Lord shine upon us, we must be a people who obey Him in all things. This includes the love and devotion of our heart being completely centered on the Lord. The Lord is hurt and dishonored if He does not have our complete devotion. We must work out our salvation and seek to be holy, even as He is holy. Aaron and his sons were selected to serve the Lord in the highest capacity possible as men. God is pleased to make His face shine upon those who are committed to serving Him with all of their hearts.

We see a privilege in this message.

When the Lord makes His face to shine upon us, we have His mercy, protection, and blessing. The Lord’s face upon us indicates He is pleased and honored with us. We are in a good place for our prayers to be answered. We have his blessing upon the work that He calls us to do on His behalf. He is longsuffering toward us even when we do not deserve it. He gives us time and opportunity to get to where we should be spiritually in our walk with Him. It’s a blessed privilege to have the Lord’s face shine upon us.

We see a preference in this message.

We see the Lord in His love for us! The Lord’s face is against them that do evil. However, for every blood-bought child of God, His face shines brightly upon us. There is the look of anticipation that we will seek to do right. There is the passion to enable us to His will on earth as it is done in Heaven. The Lord’s face upon us is a witness to the enemies of the Lord that the Lord is on our side. He fights for us and with us. He is with us in our valleys and trials. We see the incredible of faith in action as the Lord makes His face to shine upon us.

This morning, let us rejoice and thank the Lord for His passionate favor upon us. He looks beyond our faults and gives us chance after chance to get things right. His face upon us is His grace radiating into our life so that we are the people that He wants us to be. Spend time in God’s face in order to maximize His face upon you. Get in His face this morning, and realize what a blessing it is to have the Lord look favorably upon us!

Have an encouraging God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Proverbs 27-29

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