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  • Alan Fong

The One Thing No Man Can Tame

Today’s Verse:

But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. ~James 3:8

Whenever I visit a zoo, I feel a sense of safety – that the animals on display are kept in a rock or cage compound, far enough that they will present no harm to me. These animals are taken from the wild, and their natural inbred instinct is for their own safety. These animals are classified as wild because they cannot be tamed. They cannot be brought into submission to follow commands. This morning, we are looking at a member of the human body that no one can tame. It is a small member of the body, but considered very deadly. This member is the tongue. Let us consider this morning the untamable nature of the human tongue.

We see the CHARACTERISTIC of the tongue.

The tongue is an organ in your mouth that is essential for tasting and eating. It is also essential for speech and talking. In the matter of our speech and talking, James gives it many descriptive names. He calls it a fire and a world of iniquity. He calls it an unruly evil and full of deadly poison. He calls it a little member that has the capability of kindling a great fire. In effect, he says that the tongue cannot be tamed. It is wild and unpredictable. It can be dormant and explode at an unplanned moment. It is not to be taken lightly, and must be guarded ever so carefully.

We see the CONFUSION of the tongue.

The tongue can bless, but it can also curse. The tongue can praise, but it can also be critical. The tongue can build up, but the tongue can also tear down. It can be an instrument to rally people to do something good, but it can also be an instrument to rally people to do evil. It can be inspiring, but it can also be inflammatory. It can make people laugh, but it can also make people cry. The tongue can heal, but the tongue can hurt. The tongue is an unstable, untrustworthy member of our body.