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The School of Thought

Today’s Verse:

In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul. ~Psalm 94:19


What’s on your mind? This is the typical question that we ask one another to find out what we are thinking about. Our thoughts have a lot to do with our spiritual, emotional, and physical health. What happens in our thought life determines our behavior and actions. The psalmist spoke of the multitude of his thoughts. Let us see, this morning, how we can be victorious in our thoughts.

We see the pressure.

God’s people were experiencing what they referred to as “days of adversity.” They were sorely oppressed and beaten by foreign invaders. They were being mocked, manhandled, and murdered. The enemy had no regard for young or old, man or woman, widow, or fatherless. The people of God were feeling the pressure of defeat. When we are under great pressure, we ask, “How long, O Lord?” When we are under pressure, we feel like God is taking too long to respond to us. We are discouraged and dark in our thoughts when we have great pressure. Be careful of how the pressures in your life affect your thinking as to your outlook and God’s plan for your life.

We see the prayer.

This psalm is a prayer. It is prayer of desperation. They are frustrated and in much fear. It is a prayer for deliverance. They are asking the Lord to intervene and deal with the enemy. They are reminding the Lord that the enemy was saying that God was not there for His people. So, they are requesting God to execute vengeance on the enemy. This prayer is a prayer of dependence. Though they were greatly discouraged, they placed their dependence upon the Lord for their help. Prayer is our opportunity to place our trust and dependence on the Lord.

We see the proficiency.

The psalmist testified of his spiritual knowledge. He knew that God did not cast off His people (v. 14). He knew that the Lord was there as his help (v. 17). He knew that as his foot slipped, the Lord held him up (v. 18). He knew that the Lord was his defense and rock of refuge (v. 22). He knew that God would cut the enemy off and deal with them. So, he makes a bold and confident proclamation. In spite of many troubled thoughts, God’s comfort gave him peace, joy, and assurance. What we know about the Lord is our confidence when we are overwhelmed. “Thy comforts delight my soul.” Instead of letting his troubles weigh him down, he was at peace with his situation and that God would prevail.

We see the presence.

God’s comforts gave the psalmist a bolstered faith. His weary heart endured. He waited on the Lord instead of stressing out about when this situation would come to an end. God’s comforts gave him presence of mind. He did not become bitter with God but, instead, was rejoicing that the Lord was in control. Don’t let your troubled thoughts control your life. Rest your soul in the Lord’s comforts. Great men of faith had the presence of mind that God’s comforts delight the soul. God is greater than our fears: let God arise and the enemy be scattered!

Have a comforted God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Isaiah 64-66

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