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  • Alan Fong

The Second Chance

Today’s Verse:

What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me? ~Psalm 116:12

Have you ever experienced a second chance at something? A second chance is an opportunity to relive a failed experience or moment, and to make it successful the second time. It’s a chance that was blown the first time, but was made good the second time. The psalmist was at a place where a turnaround did not look possible. However, he was the recipient of a second chance, and made a comeback. He realized that his second chance should not be wasted. Let us see this morning how we should handle second chances that the Lord gives us.

We see a situation that was dreadful.

“The sorrows of death compassed me, and the pains of hell gat hold upon me: I found trouble and sorrow.” The psalmist was at the point of death. He may have suffered from failing health, a horrific injury, or a life-threatening illness. Whatever it was, he expected that he would die. The sorrows of death describe the morbid feeling of your life slipping away from you, a weakening of your body, and a consciousness that life could come to an end. Most people fear death. The thought of your life ending sooner than you thought it would wraps its grip around you, and fills even the bravest of people with fear and a sense of his mortality.

We see a supplication that was desperate.

“Then called I upon the name of the Lord; O Lord, I beseech thee, deliver my soul.” In his desperation, the psalmist called on the Lord to deliver him from the nearness of death. He prayed an earnest prayer. He prayed an urgent prayer. He prayed his most direct and specific prayer request ever. When dreadful situations come upon us, it is perhaps at those times that we pray our best prayers. What a reminder to us that we should pray as if we are in a trial, or the Lord might send us a trial to teach us to pray.

We see a survival that was derived.

“For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.” God answered his prayer! God delivered the psalmist from his near death experience. He got his life back. He acknowledged that it was God and God alone Who enabled him to walk in the land of the living again. Like Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead, this man was given a second chance. A second chance is a fresh opportunity to live our life differently than before. A second chance is an awakening that you have been given an opportunity to do things better the second time, and to make every opportunity a golden opportunity that you will not waste.

We see a statement of devotion.

“I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications. Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I call upon him as long as I live.” The psalmist declares his love for God because the Lord was gracious in answering him. Are you thankful when God answers your prayers? Ar