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Today's Verse:

Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. ~Proverbs 27:1


You probably have said the following: “I have tomorrow to take care of that.” We feel so sure that tomorrow will be another day to tackle that project or accomplish that goal. However, what if tomorrow does not come? This morning, we see a warning about living a life that is flippant, careless, and without a cause. We are admonished about the question, “What if tomorrow does not come?”


There is the foolish boasting.

We boast that we will go to an exotic location, perform a certain task, or announce a certain decision that we will do tomorrow. We speak of doing these as if we have all the time in the world. We boast that we will make more money, accumulate more things, and live selfishly for our own pleasure. We boast that we have plenty of time to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. We boast that we have time to get right with someone whom we have personal differences with. We boast that we have time to serve the Lord. We boast of the next time when we will do something better. However, the grim reality is that tomorrow may never come. We may not get that second chance. Today might be the last day we live. Today might be the last time we see that person. Tomorrow may not come.


There is the focused business.

We must live by priority. We must look at our life and sort out what is really important. We must do the things that count most for eternity and for our family. If you have been promising to take your son fishing, do it now. If you have been putting off doing something special with your spouse, do it now. If you have been thinking about presenting the gospel to a loved one who is not saved, do it now. If you need to start saving money for retirement, do it now. If you know you are needed in an area where you can be a blessing, do it now. Time is like a melting ice cube. Opportunities will melt away while we wait and procrastinate. If you are not saved, now is the time to get saved. We must establish priorities for our life and live by them.


There are the fulfilled blessings.

When we live by priority, we see God working through us. That seed that you decide to plant will one day blossom into a beautiful flower. That “I’m sorry, will you forgive me?” that you tell to someone you hurt, results in long-term peace and a happy relationship. Preparing yourself to take the gospel message to a loved one and watching them accept the Lord Jesus as Savior is a shot in the arm. Working diligently on a goal that might take a while to finish leaves you with a sense of great accomplishment when it is done. Living by priority will result in fulfilled blessings. We must rearrange our schedule, eliminate wasteful events, plan our work, and decide to make our life count for God. We must pray that the Lord will teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.


Treat each day as if it was your last. Seize the opportunities that God gives you. Don’t live a life that you will one day look back and say, “I regret that I did not do this.” Live your life as if tomorrow might not come.


Have a prioritized God Morning!


Bible Reading Schedule: Leviticus 1-4

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