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True Passion

Then spake the woman whose the living child was unto the king, for her bowels yearned upon her son, and she said, O my lord, give her the living child, and in no wise slay it. But the other said, Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it. ~1 Kings 3:26


Our devotion this morning centers on a dispute that two women had regarding a little baby. Both of these women made an appeal to Solomon about the ownership of the child. So, Solomon’s solution to this dispute was to determine which woman loved the child the most. His proposal worked. He was able to flush out the true claim from the one that was false. He did this by discerning which was the most passionate of the two. This morning, we want to consider the power of true passion.

There is the focus in true passion.

True passion is focused on a person or principle. It is attaching your heart to something or someone you hold in high esteem. It is something that you give your time to. It is something that you make as a high priority. It is something that you enjoy exerting yourself for. Others around you know without any uncertainty what you are passionate about. A preacher is passionate in his preaching of the gospel. A basketball player is passionate about winning. A married couple is passionate about their marriage. A mother is passionate about the welfare of her children.

There is the fervency in true passion.

The real mother of the child said “no” to the child being divided in half. Instead, she said that she would rather the child be given to the other woman. True passion is fervent. It is an on-fire love. It is the motivation why someone would do something without being compensated. It is the inspiration for going to the extreme when others would not. It is giving one’s life for a cause and purpose. It is dying for what you believe in. It is God sending His own Son to die on the cross for our sins. It is Jesus voluntarily suffering and dying on the cross. It is a fire that cannot be extinguished!

There is the fortress in true passion.

True passion upholds and protects what it loves. It places a circle around it. When we pray for others, it is our passion for their well-being that drives us. When we love something or someone dearly, we stand up for them. We fight for them. Children feel secure around parents who constantly are vigilant in their protection of them. True passion is a wall that the enemy finds difficult to scale. True passion is a wall around those whom it loves. It is a mighty fortress of protection.

There is the fulfillment in true passion.

We find our greatest fulfillment in what we give ourselves to. We are fulfilled when the thing or person whom we are passionate about is successful. We are fulfilled when the person whom we are passionate about is happy. When we are passionate about Jesus, we find our fulfillment in glorifying Him, advancing His cause, and seeing people call upon Him for salvation. The real mother of the child proved her veracity by showing Solomon that she was more concerned for the child’s life than the other woman. Passion defines the real you. Show me what you are passionate about, and I will show you what satisfies you.

How is your passion for the Lord? The lady making the false claim could care less if the child died. Some Christians are not bothered when the things of God diminish or die off. Perhaps today is a good time to evaluate where your true passion should be. Show me what you are passionate about and I will show you what you would give your life for.

Have a passion-enriched God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Ezekiel 13-15

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