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Today’s Verse:

Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken. ~John 21:11


Have you ever packed so many things into a large paper bag only to find out that the bag was not strong enough to support the weight, and the bag broke at the bottom? As consumers, we tend to prefer things that are unbreakable. This morning, we are looking at a situation that was out of the ordinary. We are looking at a situation where God took control, and contrary to human reasoning nothing broke.

We see a frustrating FAILURE.

Peter and a few other disciples decided to leave the ministry that God had called them to and go back to fishing. They did not go back to fishing as a hobby, but rather as an escape from the calling of God. They spent the night in the familiar waters of the Sea of Galilee. However, they fished all night and caught nothing. These men experienced the most frustrating fishing night of their career. They did everything they knew how, but caught nothing. These men failed in their power. When we take matters into our hands and try to do things in our power, we are brought to the sad conclusion that we have failed. We must never forget that without Jesus, we can do nothing. We cannot be successful for God in our power. All efforts in the flesh will ultimately be a frustrating failure.

We see a phenomenal FRUITION.

The Lord told them to cast their nets on the right side of the ship. This time, they obeyed what the Lord told them. When they dropped the net on that right side, they caught 153 fish! This was a large catch! In fact, it could have been the largest catch ever in that body of water. All Jesus did was give His word, and they did what He said. The secret to this incredible catch was faith and obedience to His word. That’s how it has always been for God’s servants. God’s power works best when we trust and obey. God showed them the futility of trying to do things in their power, and then the fulfillment that comes from faith and obedience.

We see a fundamental FACT.

We are told that Simon Peter drew the net to land and there were so many, yet was not the net broken. This never happened to Peter or his fishing companions before. They were used to the nets breaking when there was a large catch. They were used to mending their nets after fishing expeditions. This time the net did not break! What a lesson for us! We can step out in faith and do something big for God and be assured that the net won’t break! We can serve God in any capacity and be assured that the net won’t break! We can make sacrifices and give our all and be assured that the net won’t break! We can have faith in God’s calling and be assured that the net won’t break!

We see a fulfilling FAVOR.

When Peter came to shore, he saw that the Lord had breakfast made, hot and ready to serve. Peter and the men were invited to come and dine. Peter was drawn back to the Master and the ministry. Peter experienced the restorative mercies of the Lord in his life. He had to come to the realization that God needed him to stop trying to do things on his own and just trust in Him.

When we have faith in God’s power, we learn that everything we get worried about is unbreakable. Serve the Lord with courage and faith, and remember that the net will not break!

Have an unbreakable God Morning!

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