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Unquestionably Happy

Today’s Verse:

I think myself happy…. ~Acts 26:2a


Economist Jeffrey D. Sachs is quoted as saying, “We are in an era of rising tensions and negative emotions.” Worry, sadness, and anger among adolescents and adults has been gradually increasing. The average American ranks his happiness at 6.9 out of a scale of ten. People realize that possessions, position, and popularity are not guarantees for happiness. Spurgeon said, “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” Paul enjoyed life. Paul was a happy man. He told King Agrippa, “I think myself happy.

Paul was happy he was saved.

It’s wonderful to be saved. Being saved is knowing that my sins are forgiven, Jesus is my Saviour, and Heaven is my home. Paul thought many times about how terrible a sinner he was before the Lord saved him. He called himself the chief of sinners. He said, “By the grace of God I am what I am.” He loved to tell the testimony of his salvation experience. He said, “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day." The greatest thing that happened to you that affected your eternal destiny is salvation. Be happy that you are saved!

Paul was happy he was soulwinning.

When Paul went to Jerusalem, he went in spite of many dear friends telling him that it would be too dangerous. God told him at his conversion that he would testify for the Lord to Jews, Gentiles, and kings. Paul had the opportunity of telling how he was saved and called of God to preach the gospel. In Acts 22-26, he had the privilege to preach the gospel to the chief priest, elders, Roman soldiers, Festus, Felix, and Herod Agrippa. He could not have orchestrated these opportunities. God put him in this place because He knew that Paul was faithful. There is much happiness in telling people about Jesus and seeing them get saved. Be happy when you go soulwinning!

Paul was happy he was suffering.

In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul gives an extended list of hardships that he went through. He was scourged several times; he was stoned; he suffered shipwreck; he was in a number of perils; and he had a thorn in the flesh, which could have been failing eyesight. He was hated, slandered, misrepresented, and forsaken. Yet, in spite many setbacks and heartaches, Paul was satisfied and happy. He coveted no man’s gold or possessions. Suffering is God’s gift to us to teach us faith, patience, to wait on God, and to draw closer to Him. He saw suffering as the opportunity for God’s grace being sufficient for him. Suffering can be difficult, but you can be happy if you’re suffering.

Paul was happy he lived step-by-step.

Humanly, we want to see as far ahead into the future as we can. We don’t like to live with constant changes or surprises in our life. Paul lived his life one step at a time. Psalm 37:23 tells us that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. When Paul was in a battered ship on the Mediterranean Sea, it was day by day. Yet, the happiest and most confident man on the ship was Paul. For some of us, living step-by-step sounds like living on the edge, but not when you are content in trusting in the Lord for everything in your life.

I think myself happy. Are you happy? Can you say that in whatsoever state you are, you are content?

Have a happy God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Ezekiel 31-33

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