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What Happened to Your Concern?

Today’s Verse:

Thus speaketh the Lord of hosts, saying, This people say, The time is not come, the time that the Lord’s house should be built. ~Haggai 1:2


Indifference is a state of being when a person lacks interest, concern, and desire to do something. The word “apathy” is a word synonymous with indifference. Apathy or indifference comes upon us when we get accustomed to things being a certain way, and we have no interest in improving, renovating, or making it better. It is when things get to a certain state and we are not concerned about its possible failure or demise. In our devotion this morning, the construction for the temple had ceased. Time went by, and people went back to their normal day-to-day duties. It did not bother people that only the foundation had been poured, and that there was still more to do. Let us see this morning the problem with indifference and how to deal with it.

We see the CAUSE of indifference.

Indifference can be subtle, and it occurs over time. There are several causes of indifference. One is that we do not feel a sense of responsibility, and assume someone else should be responsible. Sometimes we will say that we did not have “any skin in the project.” One is that we are only concerned if we derive immediate benefits. One is that we get accustomed to seeing or hearing about a need so much that we lose sensitivity to it. An example is getting used to seeing a crack or dirt smudges on the wall of our house, and we are not bothered by these defects. Another major cause is that we did little or no praying for the person or project. Another major cause is we are too busy with our own set of priorities. Be careful of the subtle means that indifference can set in.

We see the CURSE of indifference.

Indifference can be very deadly. As we read Haggai 1:5-6, the Jews made no progress as long as they remained indifferent. Indifference can kill enthusiasm. Indifference hinders the call of God to the mission field. Indifference deadens compassion for winning souls to Christ. Indifference turns passion into passivity. It turns compassion into callousness. It can turn sensitivity into slothfulness. It can turn love into lukewarmness. Progress can become status quo. We no longer burn in our heart to do something, but instead just float along. When indifference sets in, building projects stop. When indifference sets in, our fervor in seeing souls saved declines. When indifference sets in, praying is mellow and tepid. When indifference sets in, churches die! Indifference will deaden relationships. Indifference is one step away from eventual death.

We see the CURE for indifference.

First, we must realize that we lost our zeal, concern, and desire, and then confess to God that we have become indifferent. Paul said, “It is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing,” Gal. 4:18. It is normal for Christians to be filled with great zeal. Second, we must resume a spirit of giving and participation. When we are constantly involved, giving, and participating, we fight the tendency in becoming indifferent. Get involved and do something for the Lord! Third, we must pray diligently for the people and projects God has placed in our lives. Epaphras labored fervently in his prayers for the church at Colossae. Paul described him as having a great zeal for them. Fourth, we must make conscious and frequent visits to the altar to keep our hearts burning. Fifth, we must get out of our comfort zone and do something great for other people. Sixth, we must keep ourselves accountable to a spiritual authority in the church that will help us stay on fire for God.

God told the Jews, “Consider your ways.” This morning is an excellent time for us to consider our ways and determine if we have become indifferent. Awaken from your sleep and let the Lord keep you stirred always.

Have a zealous God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Exodus 7-9

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