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Where to Find Happiness

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. ~Proverbs 3:13


Solomon greatly desired that his son would have a God-centered life. He was concerned that his son did not share the same passion and love for God and God’s Word as Solomon did. He was very concerned that his son’s friends were taking his heart from God. Solomon tells his son that there is true happiness to the man who finds wisdom and keeps it. Let us see the happiness that is found in a life that finds wisdom.

There must be a complete deposit.

This complete deposit involves total faith and trust in the Lord in all things. It’s hard to trust in God when you are blinded by materialism and the good things of this world. However, Solomon knew that no believer can truly be happy until he learns to trust in God with all of his heart and lean not unto his own understanding. God must be acknowledged in all our ways. This includes our choices, our relationships, our service, our finances, and in our trials. We must learn to honor the Lord through our giving and trust Him to take care of us.

There must be a careful discernment.

Solomon admonished his son to not despise the chastening of the Lord. Chastening is when God uses difficulties, suffering, or trials to show us that there are areas in our life that need correction. When we have been careless in our walk with God or have unconfessed sin in our life, God will chasten us to wake us up. Solomon reminded his son that "whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth." Chastening brings us to our senses and leads us to seek restoration of our fellowship with God. Be careful that you do not get angry and bitter with God when He sends chastening into your life.

There must be a consecrated devotion.

Solomon exhorts us to give our entire devotion to a life of wisdom. When we do so, we sleep better at night. When we do so, sudden interruptions or changes in circumstances will not move us. When we are given to a consecrated devotion, our confidence in the Lord’s help gives us the power to keep going. Our devotion moves us to being helpful when others around us have a need. Our devotion to living with wisdom keeps us from having strife and conflict with others. We are removed from typical insecurities, and we abstain from envying the success of those who are adversarial to us.

We learn that God deals with those who are wicked and disobedient. He balances things out in His time and in His way. In summary, true happiness is seeking to make the obtaining and living out of wisdom our goal. This wisdom is to make a God-centered life our highest priority.

Are you ready to trust God for everything in your life? If life has been filled with turmoil, today would be a good opportunity to make the procuring of wisdom your best decision.

Have a faith-filled God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Genesis 8-11

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