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Will You Be Missed?

Today’s Verse:

Then Jonathan said to David, To morrow is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty. ~1 Samuel 20:18


Whenever my little granddaughter spends time with me and my wife, there comes a point where she might say, “I miss my mommy and daddy.” People who have a definite place in our hearts are missed when they are not with us. I think of some precious friends who are grieving the homegoing of a family member. While they are resting in the fact that this family member is with our Lord, they miss the fellowship and warmth of this family member. Jonathan told David that he would be noticeably missed because his seat would be empty.

Will you be missing from your influence?

All of us have some amount of influence in the lives of others. When Samuel died, all of Israel mourned for him. He was the last of the judges, a prophet, and a priest. His spiritual influence on the nation was immeasurable. Our influence should be positive on others. People should be able to point to significant decisions that they made because of our influence. They should be living for God and modeling our example. Our influence should be proper. Recently, a respected Christian apologist who went home to be with the Lord was discovered to have been involved in multiple scandalous relationships. Instead of being missed for his contribution in the area of apologetics, he is despised for breaching trust and ruining many lives. May it be said that you are missed for having genuine and godly influence.

Will you be missing from your involvement?

First, I think of our church attendance. Will you be missed if your seat is empty? I think of one of our founding members who was in her 70s when the church started. She was a faithful attendee, tither, soulwinner, and ministry worker until her health resulted in her having to relocate to a different country to be with her daughter. I miss this member’s involvement in the church. I think of several members who, in the last couple of years, have relocated to a different part of the country. Their involvement and presence is missed. Second, I think of our soulwinning involvement. Those who consistently win others to Christ, bring visitors to church, and encourage others to be soulwinners are a blessing in so many ways. Are you someone who will be missed for your soulwinning involvement?

Will you be missing from your intercession?

Colossians 4:12 speaks of the intercessory ministry of Epaphras. He labored fervently in his prayers for the church at Colossae. His intercession made a difference in his city and church membership. Fervent prayer warriors are missed when they are gone. Dr. John R. Rice was a great prayer warrior from the 1930s until his homegoing in 1980. He prayed for over 200 pastors and evangelists by name every day. His praying led to fires of revival in soulwinning and evangelism. His praying may have been the glue that kept the fundamental Baptist movement cohesive. Those who still remember him might agree that his intercession is missed today. Our praying for others should be so intense in getting ahold of God that it should be missed if we are no longer praying for them.

Will you be missing for your insight?

Insight is being able to provide wisdom, problem solving, and good counsel. Some men are uniquely blessed in giving such insight. A person of insight is missed when he is gone. Let your life be so filled with the Spirit that your life influence impact is felt for many years after you are gone. May it be said that we are missed when our seat is empty.

Have a life-impacting God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Exodus 4-6

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