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Winner Takes All

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: ~2 Timothy 4:7


The Apostle Paul was in the Mamertine Prison when he wrote 2 Timothy. He knew that his execution was very soon. He gave his protégé in the faith, Timothy, strong and encouraging words for him to remain faithful and fruitful in the work of the ministry. As Paul closes this touching letter, he wanted Timothy to see that he was determined to finish his journey strong. Paul displays an incredibly encouraging spirit. He demonstrates to Timothy a winner-takes-all spirit.

Paul was unconquerable in his fight.

Paul fought many battles during his ministry. In 1 Corinthians 15:32, he spoke of fighting with beasts at Ephesus. This was in reference to antagonistic idol worshippers in Acts 19. In Ephesians 6:10-18, he spoke of wrestling with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places. Paul bore in his body and soul many scars from the spiritual fights that he had. There were stonings, floggings, beatings with rods, punches, and hits by those who hated him, imprisonments, and much more. He had been in the battle arena fighting against the enemies of the Lord who opposed the preaching of the gospel. Paul did not spend his time fighting with God’s people over trivial non-essential matters. Fighting a good fight is fighting to advance the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! Fighting a good fight is fighting false doctrine from encroaching into the church. Fighting a good fight is fighting to save our families from society’s agenda to rewrite marriage and take over our children. See Nehemiah 4:14. Fighting a good fight is fighting sin from taking over our lives. Are you fighting a good fight or are you just a troublemaking Christian who is always looking for problems, cracks, and faults?

Paul was uncommon in his finish.

Paul used the idea of a long distance runner running a race. He was nearing the completion of his race and could see the finish line. But the runner was weary, thirsty, and his body was wracked with pain. While he has been running the race, he saw other competitors drop out of the race. He saw them quit because of injury. He saw them quit because of exhaustion. He saw some did not finish because they had disqualified themselves. Some had to withdraw because of scandal. However, Paul was nearing the finish line. He could hear the heavenly grandstand cheer him on to victory and to finish. “Come on Paul, you can do it!” Paul had an uncommon finish! Paul was determined to finish holy, with honor and with heart.

Paul was uncompromising in his faith.

He did not compromise the doctrines of Scripture. He did not compromise the doctrine of the church. He did not compromise the preaching of God’s Word. He did not compromise the music of the Lord. He did not compromise on the preaching of the gospel, the winning of souls, and the planting of churches. He did not succumb to the theological pressures of his day. He stayed faithful in the Book. He preached faithfully the Blood. He preached now excitedly about the Blessed Hope. Paul was uncompromising in his faith!

Paul had a winner-takes-all spirit. Don’t be a quitter! Don’t throw in the towel. Dig deep within, and determine to finish the Christian life strong and as a winner!

Have a winning God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Revelation 4-8

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