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Worthless Silver

Today’s Verse:

Reprobate silver shall men call them, because the LORD hath rejected them. ~Jeremiah 6:30


Years ago when the first oil crisis hit our country, investors started to pour large sums of money into gold and silver as a safe haven from currency fluctuations. Many people who got in early made a great gain on their investment. However, many people also learned how volatile the precious metals market can be, and when the price of oil started to come down, so did the price of precious metals. Many people who purchased gold when the price was high and did not sell when they had opportunity saw their investment plummet in value. In our devotion this morning, we see where God uses the term “reprobate silver” to describe the spiritual condition of His people. The word reprobate means “worthless” or “rejected.” Let us consider, this morning, the message in worthless silver.

We see the evil DEGENERACY.

The Jews had fallen into many sins that hardened their hearts against God. Idolatry was rampant with many households worshipping wooden or stone idols. The people were guilty of being covetous. Immoral behavior had become a norm among men and women alike. Tithing had been neglected. The Sabbath Year was not being observed. The Sabbath itself was despised, and people worked, bought, and sold on that day without any remorse. The people despised the message of the prophets who called to them to return to the Lord. The nation of Judah had fallen into an evil degeneracy. Sin is insidious. Sin is infectious. Sin is injurious. The nation as a whole had gone very far from God.

We see the eventual DEVALUATION.

God sent prophets to appeal to Judah to turn back, but it was to no avail. The people denied that they were living in sin. They scorned the messengers of God. The leaders and people alike were telling God, “Get off our backs and leave us alone.” God described their fallen condition as “reprobate silver.” Their value had declined. Their buying power with God had diminished to almost nothing. They had lost their favored status with God. The term “reprobate silver” is a very strong and demeaning name. It implies being completely worthless. It is like a dry branch that men gather up and throw into the fire because it has no other worth or usage. When we live in defiance and sin against God, we are reprobate silver. We lose our power. We lose our influence. We lose our effectiveness. We are like Samson who wist not where his power went after his hair was cut. We are like King Saul who lost his kingdom because he was disobedient. We are like the prodigal son who was reduced to a beggarly status.

We see the excruciating DENIAL.

“…because the LORD hath rejected them.” God told them He could not accept them the way they were living. When a currency has fallen to a low value, or is very volatile, traders will suspend taking that currency and demand another currency in exchange. If they will accept it, it is not without a hefty fee to compensate for possible losses to the trader. For God to reject His people is very concerning. It implies that He turns a deaf ear to their cries and prayers. It implies that His promises become null and void in their lives. It implies that the Holy Spirit’s working has been put on hold. It indicates we are in serious trouble in our relationship with God. It sadly means we have lost the blessing of God on our lives.

We see the earnest DEMAND.

God calls His people back to fellowship with Him. This requires repentance and forsaking all sins. It requires us to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. We must realize that without God, we are nothing. Don’t become worthless silver. Sin takes a little away from us until we are down to nothing. Call on the Lord, and be restored in fellowship and fruitfulness. It is never too late.

Have a priceless God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: 2 Samuel 4-7

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