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Yes, I Will

Today’s Verse:

I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him. ~Hosea 14:4


We use a plethora of idioms in our Western culture to describe things. One of these idioms is the phrase “no strings attached.” This means that a pledge or promise that is made will be performed as stated and that there are no hidden agendas or stipulations. There are no conditions, contingencies, or requirements that are associated with the promise. God made an incredible guarantee to Israel that had no strings attached!

There was the guarantee of God’s removal.

God said, “Mine anger is turned away from him.” God’s anger had reached the tipping point with Israel’s idolatry. God sent prophet after prophet to call them to stop these evil practices. Israel went on their evil way and became more stiff-necked. God made it very clear that He was filled with righteous indignation towards them for being ungrateful and adulterous in their ways. However, when God said that He would turn away His anger, this was a guarantee that His chastening and judgment would be turned. There were no strings attached to this guarantee.

There was the guarantee of God’s recovery.

God said, “I will heal their backsliding....” By this, God told them that He would heal them of the sickness associated with their backsliding. The hurt and restlessness would be healed. Sin has a way of making us spiritually ill. We lose the desire that we once had for the things of God. Our appetite for God’s Word is diminished. Our praying is shallow and fruitless. Our productivity is fruitless. When God sends us healing, He gives us back our strength, our peace, our sharpness, our appetite, and our enthusiasm. Sin has a way of robbing us of the many good things that God gives to us. When we are healed of our backsliding ways, we are made whole once again and regain the strength and vitality that glorifies God. There were no strings attached to this guarantee.

There was the guarantee of God’s romance.

Here is the best part: God said, “I will love them freely....” His love is always unconditional and extraordinary! When He said, “I will love them freely,” God was saying, “I have no strings attached to My love.” There was none of this “if you do this, I will do that.” God gave them the guarantee that His love would be unchanging, powerful, and passionate. There would be no remembrance of what they did to hurt God. God would just love them and draw them to Himself. So much of what happens in human relationships results in contingencies and back-up plans in case we might get burned again. God said that He loves freely. God said that there are no strings attached to the restorative love that He has for His people.

All this being said, are we guilty of having strings attached in our practices with other people? Are we always holding back to family and friends because we are concerned that we will get hurt again? Let us consider a love that will never let us go. Let us consider a love that goes the extra mile each and every time. It is a reliable love. It is a restorative love. It is a romantic love!

Take away the strings that are attached to your dealings with others. Let go of the stings, accept the risks that accompany forgiveness, and rejoice in the fact that God deals with us with no strings attached.

Have an abounding God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Deuteronomy 11-13

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