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Young and Old

The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the grey head. ~Proverbs 20:29


Our devotion this morning speaks to us about the virtues of youth and seniority. Both have their respective roles in our lives. This morning, we are exhorted to consider the important stages of our life and how to make the most of them.

We see the reality of aging.

David said, “I have been young, and now am old.” All of us are getting older. From the moment we are born, we start the aging process. Albeit the aging process is in stages, the reality is we are getting older every day. There is a maturity level that we are to attain as we get older. As we enter adulthood, we are to put away our toys and accept the responsibilities associated with getting older. We are to put away childish attitudes and immature behavior. We are to take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and relationships. There is to be an increased maturity and wisdom associated with our life as we get older. Don’t fear getting old. The question we must ask ourselves is, “How well am I aging when it comes to my responsibilities as a Christian adult?”

We see the rigor of adolescence.

Solomon said, “The glory of young men is their strength.” Being young means you have much energy, strength, and vigor. When you are young, you are stronger and more agile. Your energy level is higher. Your stamina to go long distances is enhanced. When you are young, you should work harder and longer. "It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth." When you are young, you should be willing to take on some qualified risks. When you are young, you should give your life to the Lord and serve Him well. The one thing that marks us when we are young is our strength.

We see the respect of advancement.

Solomon said, “The beauty of old men is the grey head.” Grey hair is an indicator of advancement. The grey head speaks to us about hard work, wisdom, and good decision-making. Attaining grey hairs is like saying, “You’ve paid your dues in life.” It shows that you have endured stressful times, times of setback and recovery, and acquired wisdom through hard knocks. The grey head tells people that you are someone that can be trusted. It tells other people that you have the wisdom to problem solve. While younger men are extolled for their strength, older men are extolled for their beauty.

Growing older is an event that we cannot avoid. We should age gracefully and in godliness. We should make the most of being a youth and take on as many challenges as we can. We should age respectfully and look back in life as someone who made good decisions and was prudent. Redeem your time, and make the most of every opportunity God places before you. Live for Jesus, and don’t go around feeling like you have regrets for living for Him. Avoid foolish questions and a wasted life. Be known for your strength and, one day, your grey hairs!

Have a diligent God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Matthew 22-23

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