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Faith Forward

Today’s Verse:

And the LORD said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward: ~Exodus 14:15


There are four directions we can possibly go in. Backwards is when we go in reverse and are regressing. Sideways is when we leave the right path and are on the shoulder of the road, making no progress. Upwards is when we are going up to a desired goal. Forward is when we are advancing and also heading to a desired goal. Faith in practice should always be forward. That’s what God told Moses to lead Israel to do. He told them, “Go forward.” Let us see the importance of faith forward.

We must go faith forward with our Captain.

A captain is a leader. The Captain of our faith is our Lord. God told Moses to lead Israel to the shoreline of the Red Sea. The location where they were is described as being shut in. Humanly, it looked like they were stuck in a tight spot with nowhere to go. However, God put them in that place to teach them how to go faith forward. We must trust our Captain in His Word. God never lies to us or misleads us. We must trust our Captain in His wisdom. What does not make sense to us will always make sense to God. We must trust our Captain in our walk. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD.” Follow your Captain in faith.

We must go faith forward in our crossing.

God told Moses to stand where the people could see him, extend his rod over the Red Sea, and command them to go forward. The waters of the Red Sea were overflowing and choppy. The appearance of the Red Sea looked impossible to cross, with its banks overflowing and the water being very deep. However, God told them to go forward. Moses extended his hand, with the rod of God in it, over the Red Sea. Amazingly, the waters parted and became a wall on opposite sides. The muddy ground became solid ground that the Israelites walked across on. The impossible became possible. The “no way” became “there is a way.”

We must go faith forward in our conquering.

The Red Sea was opened and made passable for all of Israel. For the Egyptians, the same Red Sea became their place of judgment. The Israelites had their salvation as they crossed the Red Sea on foot on dry ground. The Lord was a Man of war Who overthrew the Egyptians inside of the Red Sea. The Lord fought this battle for Israel and saw them through. No Israelite lost his life in that Red Sea: all made it safely to the other side. The enemy, however, lost all of their chariots, horses, and men of war as they tried to follow the Israelites. God conquered Egypt soundly and successfully. Let God fight for you.

We must go faith forward for our credibility.

The crossing of a Red Sea is important for our credibility. Rahab the harlot told Joshua years later her people had heard what the Lord had done for him and that the fear of God was upon them. First, this testifies of God’s favor and approval of a life that is living by faith. Second, it demonstrates the power of prayer and God’s hand on your life. Don’t leave people wondering if your Christianity is real! Let them see great faith in action. Prove that God is powerful in your life. The God Who opened the Red Sea for Moses can make a difficult spot open up for you as well. This world needs to see men of faith stepping out in uncomfortable places. Make sure that you are walking faith forward for the Lord!

Have a faith God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Acts 16-17

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