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How to Breathe Again

Today’s Verse:

Thus saith the Lord GOD unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live: ~Ezekiel 37:5


All of us recognize the importance of breathing. Breathing is a sign of life. When we stop breathing, we have stopped living. Sometimes after running or vigorously exercising, we might say that we are out of breath or need to catch our breath. Someone who is in need of CPR is someone who needs to breathe again. Our Scripture this morning is a very colorful lesson on how to breathe again.

We see a wasteland.

Ezekiel was shown a valley full of bones. These bones represented casualties of war that had been left in the battle field. These bones represented death. Death is when life ceases to exist. All that is left are memories of the past. These bones were also dry. In fact, they were very dry! They had been in the sun for a very long time. This is a picture of a Christian life that is no longer useful and, for practical purposes, is like it is dead. Jesus told the church at Sardis, “Thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.” We see a picture of life that has dried up. When we work ourselves hard and neglect caring for our souls, we become very dry. When this happens, we lack enthusiasm, effectiveness, and power.

We see a wind.

God told Ezekiel to start preaching to this valley of dry bones. As he did, God breathed life into these bones. The wind and breath are a beautiful picture of the Holy Spirit. We need the freshness of the Holy Spirit to blow into our life. We need the breath of Heaven to breathe into our soul. Only by the work of the Spirit can we see revival in our churches and in our life. When God made Adam, He breathed into him and he became a living soul. If you are feeling dry in your spiritual life, it’s time for the breath of Heaven to breathe life into you. If your effectiveness for the Lord has been left for dead, you need the wind of the Spirit to revive you.

We see a working.

What was once dead became a living person again! There was a noise, and the bones started to rattle and come together. Then sinew, flesh, and skin covered these bones. Revival is when we get our life back! It is the bringing back of that which dwindled down to nothing. Revival is not a self-made work. It is a supernatural work. It is the work of the Spirit. When life returns, there is joy and happiness. There is activity and a desire to do productive things. God does not just want to put us back together; He also gives back a life of usefulness.

We see the wholeness.

Everyone who was previously dead in that valley became a living soul again. They were once again “an exceeding great army.” When all of God’s people experience a true revival, the church becomes “an exceeding great army.” Once again, these revived bones were whole. Revival is not limited to just a few. God’s will is that everyone in the church is revived.

If you are feeling spiritually dry and ministries that you are in have been dying, it’s time to get the wind of the Spirit to blow into your soul and give life back to you. Let the preaching of God’s Word be the means by which you breathe again!

Have a Spirit-led God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Isaiah 5-8

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