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If Thou See Me

Today’s Verse:

And he said, Thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so. ~2 Kings 2:10


Elijah told Elisha, “if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee.” There was a very important condition associated with having Elijah answer his request for twice the power that Elijah had. This condition is the reason why many of us miss out on God’s best for our lives. This condition is that we have our eyes intensely focused on the Lord at all times. We want to consider some important reasons why having our eyes always on the Lord is important for an abounding Christian life.

Focus shows our sincerity.

Have you ever spoken with someone who does not have their eyes on you, or starts texting on their cell phone in the middle of the conversation? Aside from this being annoying, it is also an indication that they are not giving their concentration and devotion to you. Keeping our eyes on the Lord indicates our sincerity. How many of us pray for something, but we get easily distracted from obeying the Lord and wind up not having our prayers answered? If our eyes are not on the Lord, they are somewhere else. Sincerity indicates the honesty of our heart.

Focus involves study.

The more we focus, the better we see the big picture. We are cognizant of every detail and every word. By keeping his eyes on Elijah, Elisha knew everything about Elijah. When we have our eyes on the Lord, we learn everything we should know about the Lord! Focus helps us to take account of every detail. We are able to articulate on what we see. We are able to anticipate the next move. We discover that study pays off because we are well-informed of Who we are focused upon.

Focus must be circumspect.

By this, I mean that we avoid at every measure taking our eyes off the One that we are watching. We are to be like the watchman who has been assigned the duty of watching with intensity the entire area in front us from possible attack. We must be careful not to allow other passing sights, certain sounds, or anything else to distract us from where our eyes should be. Being distracted has led to many auto accidents. Being distracted has led to many drivers missing their turnoff. Being distracted could have resulted in Elisha missing the receiving of a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.

Focus leads to success.

Elisha kept his eyes firmly fixed on Elijah. Without any warning, God took Elijah up in chariots of fire. That must have been some spectacle to behold. That image was emblazoned in Elisha’s mind and heart. When God allows something so great, so supernatural for us to see, it is for the purpose of changing our life for His glory. At first, Elisha was grieved that Elijah was removed from him. Then, he remembered that as long as he kept his eyes on Elijah when he was taken up, his request for a double portion would be granted. His eyes saw the last remaining vestige of Elijah’s ministry: the prophet’s mantle. He picked up this mantle, and smote the Jordan waters with it. Those waters opened up for Elisha in the same way they did for Elisha. He learned that his focus led to God’s blessing.

Focus is essential in the Christian life.

Those who focus on Jesus wind up getting saved. Those who focus on the race finish it as a victor. Those who focus on the Lord draw closer to Him. Keep your eyes on the Lord!

Have a focused God morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Psalm 40-45

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