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Lemuel and His Mother

Today’s Verse:

The words of king Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him. ~Proverbs 31:1


Today, we honor mothers everywhere. We owe a debt of gratitude to Anna Jarvis for diligently encouraging her state legislature in West Virginia to recognize all mothers one Sunday a year. This noble deed resulted in our Congress passing legislation that made Mother’s Day an official day of recognition on the second Sunday of every May. Today, we acknowledge the lives and ministries of all mothers. Let us take a few minutes to examine Lemuel and his mother.

We see the inspiration.

Lemuel’s name means “for God” or “devoted to God.” Beginning at the time of his birth, Lemuel was set apart by his mother as a life devoted to the glory of God. Lemuel’s mother inspired him to live for God. She was careful in the allowance and disallowance of the influences in his life. By his very name, she wanted everyone to know that Lemuel was God’s man. She inspired Lemuel to prepare for a life of service. She spent quality time preparing and praying for him. Mothers are an invaluable inspiration in the life of a child.

We see the instruction.

We read: “the prophecy that his mother taught him.” Lemuel’s most important teacher in his life was his mother. She taught him the Bible. She taught him good behavior. She examined him and corrected him when he needed it. She taught him how to have proper relationships. She taught him discipline. She taught him about the Lord and how we should live for Him. She taught him to lay up treasure in heaven, where moth and rust do not corrupt. She taught him how to make prudent decisions. She taught him the importance of sitting under the preaching of God’s Word. A child’s best and favorite teacher should be his mother.

We see the insulation.

“It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes strong drink: Lest they drink, and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted.” Through her influence, she tried to insulate him from the vices and sins which could ruin him. There is the vice of strong drink. Strong drink is intoxicating and controlling. She told him, “It is not for kings to drink wine.” There is the vice of immoral behavior. She sought to insulate him from indulging in relationships with women that would compromise his virtue and lead to a life of much sin and regret. Mothers must prayerfully help to insulate their sons from bad behavior.

We see her impact.

A mother’s goal is to rightly impact her sons to live for God and make right directions. Lemuel’s mother lived a life that was a worthy example of a model wife and mother. This instilled security in Lemuel’s life and gave him discernment in choosing right. Her life left a good mark in him for marriage and parenting. A mother’s life forever impacts a child’s life by her contribution, her stability, and her kindness. Most importantly, she knew that she was raising a future king. Would he be a good king or a bad king? Would he rule well, or rule as a tyrant? Her impact as a mother goes undiminished. Her life should impact her children for Christ, for their salvation and for serving Him with all their heart.

We don’t know the name of Lemuel’s mother, but we see the influence that she had on raising him to be a king! Moms, be encouraged that it is not too late to impact your sons and daughters.

Have a delightful God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: 2 Chronicles 6-8

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