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Not for the Birds

Today’s Verse:

And when the fowls came down upon the carcases, Abram drove them away. ~Genesis 15:11


Have you ever heard of the saying, “This is for the birds”? It means that the thing being referred to is worthless and has no value. It describes something that is not worth your time or effort. In our passage this morning, God “cut His covenant” with Abram. Cutting the covenant was represented by laying animal sacrifices on two sides with a path in between them that was wide enough for a man to walk through. The one making the covenant would walk between these dead animals to confirm the covenant. Here, however, the animals had just been laid down, and the covenant had not been cut yet. While Abram was waiting upon the Lord to “cut the covenant,” vultures and other birds of prey were circling the sky above him and starting to make their attack on these carcasses. As these birds made their descent, a vigilant Abram exerted much effort to drive them away.

Notice the analogy.

The fowls are a picture of Satan’s demons looking for the opportunity to swoop down and snatch something precious away. Satan’s demons are always looking for something that has been laid down and appears to be vulnerable to snatch up and take away. In Matthew 13:4, seeds that had fallen on the wayside were snatched up by the fowls of the air. These were seeds that were vulnerable to attack and quickly taken advantage of by the fowls. The fowls are relentless and focused on snatching up what they see as being left alone. They do not give up without a fight.

Notice the application.

Abram drove them away. Abram put up a fight. Abram probably killed a few of these fowls. Abram determined to not let one of these animals be snatched up. This is a reminder to us that there are precious things that are not "for the birds.” There are precious and invaluable things that we should put up a fight to save. First, our sacrifices are not for the birds. Your life is to be given to God as a living sacrifice. Don’t give it to the birds! The sacrifices of praise to God belong to Him: don’t give it up to the birds! Second, the seed of the Word of God is not for the birds. Don’t allow God’s Word to fall on the wayside and be left for snatching by the birds. Third, our sons and daughters are not for the birds. Don’t leave your sons and daughters vulnerable to Satan’s attacks by leaving them unsupervised and without training. Fourth, precious souls without Christ as Savior are not for the birds. Don’t allow your heart to get used to the unsaved being there tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come for an unsaved person! Go after the lost before the “fowls of the air” snatch them up.

Notice the alertness.

Abram kept a vigilant eye out for the fowls of the air. Once he saw one bird circling above him, he knew that more would come. As the company of fowls in the air increased, he prepared himself for a confrontation. Stay alert against the attacks of the evil one. Don’t allow weariness and tiredness to make you fall asleep at the wrong time. Don’t make the false assumption that the birds will go away. Be prepared to defend and fight for the things that need protection. Be alert to the fact that even if the birds go away, they will return again.

There are precious things that God has given us that are not for the birds. Be vigilant, and keep a careful lookout for the birds that might be circling above your head. Like Abram, be ready to drive them away.

Have a vigilant God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Numbers 21-22

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