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Open Wide

Today’s Verse:

I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it. ~Psalm 81:10


Do you remember visits to the dentist’s office when you were a child? After the dental assistant made you comfortable in the patient chair, the dentist would come in, and just as he would start the examination of your teeth, he would say, “Open wide.” Opening our mouth wide is essential for the dentist to do a thorough examination and work on our teeth. The dentist is not the only one telling us to “open wide.” God gives us a wonderful directive concerning prayer and faith.

We see a dominating OMNIPOTENCE.

“I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt…” The setting for this psalm is a reminder to Israel from whence they came. They were divinely delivered from Egyptian bondage. Whenever God said, “I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt,” this was a reminder that salvation is only of the Lord. It was a reminder of the ten plagues that God sent to Egypt to demonstrate the weakness and wickedness of the Egyptian false gods. As Israel started their journey out of Egypt in the desert, God demonstrated His strength by giving them water from a rock, and also manna six days a week from heaven. They were under the guidance, care, and direction of the Lord God. From the moment we are saved, God desires to be the dominating omnipotence in our lives. He wants us to always remember that no one will take better care of us than Him. He wants us to know that His strength and power are more than sufficient for us. He is the Lord thy God!

We see a dynamic OPPORTUNITY.

“…Open thy mouth wide…” The Jews had a tendency to murmur and complain. When people murmur, they tend to do it under their breath. If only one person is murmuring, it might not be noticeable. However, when many people are murmuring all at once, the sound carries. God hears our murmuring, whether it is just one of us or many of us. So, instead of murmuring, God commands His people to open their mouths wide! This is a King’s command to request something big and extraordinary. It is God’s invitation for us to come to His throne of grace, and in faith pray for God to do great and mighty things. Don’t let problems and challenges present a setback; open your mouth wide and ask God to help you. Don’t let a Red Sea, a Jericho wall, a giant that towers over you, or other “humanly impossible” events make you wither in fear and defeat. Open your mouth wide, and ask God to work. Be specific in your praying. Be persistent in your praying. Be fervent in your praying. Lean all your weight on God, and let Him work for you.

We see the definite OUTCOME.

“…I will fill it.” Whenever a king invited a favored subject to come to his throne with a request, the king would reward him by requiring him to open his mouth very wide. The king would proceed to fill his mouth with sweets and other delights. However wide his mouth was open, that would be how much the king would fill it. God is directing us to ask in faith. He is telling us that we can ask for something very big. He is telling us that we should pray for the impossible. He is telling us to pray for the miraculous. In doing so, God is telling us that He is pleased that we have faith in His ability to meet our need, and He will fill our need and request. This is similar to Matt. 7:7 where we are told, “Ask, and it shall be given you.” Our asking must meet His conditions. Our asking must be in compliance. Our asking must be in confidence. God delights to answer our prayers.

Sometimes we forget how powerful God is, and the directive He gives us for praying. The God Who saves us is the same God Who desires to do powerful things through our praying. This morning, it is time to “open thy mouth wide.” Come boldly to the throne of grace, and open wide!

Have a prayerful God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: 1 Samuel 28-31

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