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Pit Stop

Today’s Verse:

And it came to pass, when Joseph was come unto his brethren, that they stript Joseph out of his coat, his coat of many colours that was on him; And they took him, and cast him into a pit: and the pit was empty, there was no water in it. ~Genesis 37:23-24


In car racing, drivers prepare ahead of time for any necessary needs of their car by making what is known as a pit stop. The driver will pull into a designated place where the team has an experienced crew to make repairs, tire changes, or fueling. To the driver, a pit stop feels like a very long time, when in reality it is a short but necessary stop that aids him in having a car that is at its best for performance and winning. For the Christian, a pit stop has a different significance. It is an unplanned stopping point that can be for the benefit of our Christian life.

We see the TERROR of the pit.

A pit was a large hole in the ground where typically no water would feed into it. Hunters would use a pit as a trap for animals. To an unsuspecting person who accidentally fell into a pit, this would be a terrifying situation. Most pits were so deep it was impossible to climb out unless you had help from above. The intensity of the sun or heat could severely dehydrate the person who fell into it. In some cases, a lion or other hungry wild predator would descend into the pit to kill and devour the person trapped therein. David describes the pit as being “horrible.” If you wound up trapped in a pit, you would almost give up hope of being rescued and assumed that it would be your grave. To fall into a pit was a terrifying experience.

We see the TESTING in a pit.

Joseph was thrown into a pit by his brothers. The pit was empty and had no water in it. He had no way out unless they helped him. A pit is a place of testing. When we are in a pit, we realize how vulnerable and weak we are. When we are in a pit, there is fear, confusion, and extreme discouragement. We feel like we are in a dark hole where there is no way out. We exhaust every possible way to get ourselves out, and come to the place where we feel like, “This is it.” A pit stop is when we realize that we must be dependent upon God and God alone for our escape, enablement, and help. A pit stop teaches us to look up for help and to get our eyes off of our self. A pit stop teaches us to wait on the Lord. A pit stop teaches us how to pray earnestly and cast all our care upon Him. A pit stop is where we will shed many tears and feel like we are at the lowest point of our life. A pit stop is not something any of us would pray for, but it is a stepping stone in getting our eyes and heart in the right direction.

We see the TEMPERING from the pit.

The pit prepared Joseph for what God had next for him. The time he was in the pit increased his faith in God. The time in the pit fortified his convictions about living for God. It prepared him for life in Egypt, for a false accusation and imprisonment, and for providential leading in his life. Instead of seeing his life spinning out of control, Joseph learned to take one step at a time in learning to walk by faith. He learned he needed to be able to have faith in God in success, in defeat, and when forgotten by others. The pit tempered his moral resolve against lustful temptation. The pit tempered his emotional resolve to not become bitter and filled with wrath against people who did him wrong. The pit tempered his outlook in life that God was with him all the way even though it did not look like it.

Don’t allow the pit stop you are in to swallow you up. Look up and realize that God is preparing you for something to do. Great stewardship is determined by how you allow a pit stop to affect you. When you are in the pit, be a victor and not a victim!

Have a victorious God Morning!

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