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Sins of Youth

Today's Verse:

Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions: according to thy mercy remember thou me for thy goodness' sake, O LORD. ~Psalm 25:7


Have you ever heard someone use the term “inner child”? The term refers to the juvenile tendencies that are still inherent in one's thinking and actions. The habits that we have as adults, whether good or bad, are a carryover of the disciplines ingrained or not ingrained into us as children and teens growing up. In Psalm 25, David was being transparent about his past, present, and future prospects. He knew that there were sins and tendencies in his life that God was working on him about. He referred to his sinful tendencies as the sins of his youth. This morning, we need to confront our sins of youth that could be holding us back from being all that God wants us to be.


There are the categories of sins of youth.

There is the sin of rebellion. All of us are born with a rebellious nature. Our tendency is to rebel. If we were not strongly disciplined for our rebellion, we are prone to rebel against authority as adults. Rebels have a difficult time submitting to authority and rules. Rebels tend to bend and break rules. Then, there is the sin of rage. Angry adults were once angry children. Uncontrolled anger morphs into rage. Of the many traits that must be brought under control when we are young, anger and rage is at the top of the list. Rage seeks for revenge and compensation for perceived injustices. There is the sin of resistance. This is stubbornness. Stubborn adults grew up as stubborn children who always got their way. Stubborn people fight to get their way. Stubborn people resist all kinds of change. Stubborn people refuse instruction and correction.


There are the casualties from sins of youth.

Sins of youth produce people who have toxic relationships. They hurt and contaminate others around them. They are frictious and contentious. Sins of youth create disappointment and failed transactions. They lead to distrust and unfaithfulness. Theses sins are perceived to be cute when the person was a juvenile, but when left unchecked, they lead to heartache and terrible rifts in relationships: parents are despised; people in authority are disappointed; friendships are superficial and few.


There is the confession of sins of youth.

These sins must be confessed and forsaken as soon as possible. We must get on our faces before God and ask for forgiveness that we have allowed theses sins to control us, and we must forsake them immediately. We must depart from our former sinful practices and tendencies. We must separate from associations that contribute to these sinful tendencies. We must go to people like our parents and people in authority whom we have hurt along the way and ask for their forgiveness. We must learn to humble ourselves and confess that we have done wrong. We must recognize that sins of youth grieve the Holy Spirit and forsake them.


There is the conquering of sins of youth.

These sins can be conquered! With God’s help, they can be overcome and defeated. We must die to self daily, and in so doing, allow the Spirit to have control. Going forward, we must come to the altar frequently and seek God’s face. We must pray and ask God to give us strength and power to win. The inner child is the old man whom we must put to death each and every day.


Recognize today the sins of youth that have had dominion over you. Claim the power that comes by cleansing from God’s Word, and live a victorious life.


Have a victorious God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Psalm 40-45

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