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The Chopping Block

Today's Verse:

Greet Priscilla and Aquila my helpers in Christ Jesus: Who have for my life laid down their own necks: unto whom not only I give thanks, but also all the churches of the Gentiles. ~Romans 16:3-4


Yesterday, we looked at the danger of a hardened neck. This morning, we are looking at two people who put their necks on the line for someone whom they loved. They were people who put their necks on the chopping block for Paul. We are looking at a married couple who proved their devotion and love more than once for the Apostle Paul. Aquila and Priscilla are a prime example of people you could call friends of a lifetime. They were people who went beyond the call of duty over and over again.


We see a valuable resource.

Paul called them his helpers in the Lord. The word for "helpers" is the same word we get "synergy" from. They were the extra set of eyes, ears, hands, and feet that every minister of God needs in a church. They helped to carry the burdens of the Apostle Paul. Whatever was needed to advance the gospel, this wonderful couple performed it for Paul. They were not Paul’s competitors: they were Paul’s companions! They served with him in the ministry. They caught his heart and conveyed this to other people. Their helpfulness gave Paul more minutes in a day to do God’s work. They made sure that he was not encumbered with detail work so that he could fulfill his people work. They were a valuable resource to God’s man.


We see the vicarious risks.

Paul states that for his life they laid down their own necks. They were not ashamed of being associated with Paul. They were not afraid of proclaiming Christ with Paul. They accepted the risks of being his co-laborers. They defended his preaching, the doctrines of Scripture, and the friendship that they held dear to their hearts. They endured the criticism that he often received. They may have been persecuted for their faith and friendship. They put their necks on the line for Paul and the gospel. I wonder how much further the gospel could advance if there were more servants of God who put their necks on the line for God’s work? They were not people who tried to exploit Paul for their benefit, but instead were friends who protected him and helped to prosper him in his way.


We see a voluminous rejoicing.

Paul speaks of the thankfulness that he and the churches of the Gentiles had for this couple. They were a blessing to hundreds of other people because of their faithfulness and loyalty. They did not go around touting that they had some special ministry. Wherever Paul went, they sought to be an extension of his ministry in being a blessing to other believers. Can people say that they are thankful for you as a helper to the gospel? Is there thankfulness that you are taking risks for the advancement of the gospel? Are fellow believers thankful that you fill in the gaps and are available whenever needed?


We see a virtuous replication.

We need married couples and single Christians who will replicate the testimony of an Aquila and Priscilla. In this day of self-interest, self-promotion, and self-worship, God’s church needs many helpers. God’s man needs prayer warriors, soulwinners, and servants who will take their place in doing the grunt work so that the ministry can move forward. We need servants who have a holy motive and are consumed with God getting the glory. We need servants who will not whine, complain, or murmur. We need servants who will make sacrifices and accept risks for the Lord’s work. Will you put your neck on the line?


Have a sacrificial God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Psalm 74-77

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