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The God of the Rod

Today’s Verse

For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods. ~Exodus 7:12


One of the great power-hitters in baseball was Roberto Clemente, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Though he carried a big bat, the power was in the batter and not the bat. This morning, we see an exciting account about Aaron’s rod. The rod he carried with him did some incredible things, but it wasn’t the rod: it was the God of the rod.

We see a contrast.

The rod of Aaron was similar to a walking stick that was about ¾ the height of a man. A rod was large branch that was cut off from a tree and, thus, lifeless. Moses received a lesson on how God can use a lifeless rod and give it life. Both Moses and Aaron knew that the rod itself had no power, but when yielded to God, it became a powerful tool. On the other hand, the rods of the magicians were also lifeless branches but were in the possession of a demonic power. You see, what power you yield yourself to determines what your usefulness will be. The rods of the magicians were at best a weak imitation of Aaron’s rod. The rod placed in God’s hand is always greater than a rod in the devil’s hand.

We see the consumption.

“But Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.” Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh and his magicians, and his rod became a serpent. That in itself should have told Pharaoh that he was not dealing with ordinary men. So, because he was a man given to works of darkness, he told his magicians to do as Aaron did. Pharaoh was puffed with pride because he thought that since he had more magicians than Aaron, he had this under control. We are told that these magicians “did in like manner with their enchantments.” Satan is an imitator and always tries to deceive and scare with his imitations. However, Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods. God’s power was fully at work. A few months later, the Lord opened the earth and it swallowed Dathan and Abiram for their rebellion against Moses. Years later, God sent a whale to swallow Jonah. One day, death will be swallowed up in victory. God’s power is unmatched, undefeated, and undeniable.

We see the confidence.

Aaron and Moses saw God’s power in the rod. The next day, Aaron held that rod upon all the waters of Egypt and turned them into blood. It wasn’t the rod, but the God of the rod. The day that God called Moses to be His spokesman, He demonstrated to him His power through that rod. That rod was a testimonial of God’s power working through a surrendered servant. Whatever you place in God’s control can be used in a great way. You must have faith that God will use what you give Him. You must have faith that God will swallow up whatever the enemy uses to oppose you. You must have faith that God can turn something that looks useless into something that can make a difference.

The God of the rod wants to be the God of your life. The God of the rod wants to be the God of your family. The God of the rod wants to be the God of the ministry He has given you. Let go of your grip, and let God work His power through you.

Have an empowered God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Judges 8-9

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