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The Second Mile

Today’s Verse:

And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. ~Matthew 5:41


We live in a day and age when many people only do the bare minimum expected of them. They do not think about venturing out of the box and doing more than what has been requested. They perform the status quo and are content with being status-quo Christians. Our devotion this morning is taken from the great Sermon on the Mount.

There was the fact.

The performance level of the people of that day had declined to doing the bare minimum to get by. People did not approach a task or go to work with the idea of doing something stellar. People lacked motivation to do things with excellence and to achieve the best possible accomplishment. They just did what they had to do. The work of a believer looked no different than the work of an unbeliever.

There is the philosophy.

The philosophy that the Lord Jesus Christ was advocating was one that was radical. This philosophy was telling everyone that we should go the extra mile. We should be willing to do more than just the bare minimum. We should be willing to do more without being asked. We should be willing to jump in and help, regardless of the time and circumstances. We should be willing to exceed the expectations of others. We should be willing to put an extra, loving touch on whatever we do.

There is the fervency.

A second-mile philosophy is one that looks farther than other people will look. It goes farther than other people will go. It works harder than other people are willing to work. It prays longer than other people will pray. It sows the gospel seed longer than other people will. It stays longer than other people are willing to stay. It gives more than other people give. Second-mile fervency is when you are known to always do more than others. It is a fervency driven to excellence and substantial accomplishment.

There is the fulfilment.

Think of what kind of a church we would have with a second-mile attitude. More people would be saved and added to the church. More servants of God would be trained up and serving the Lord. More people would be serving and helping other people. More churches would be started and communities changed. More marriages and families would be salvaged and thriving. More non-Christians would get saved and committed. More things would be accomplished for the glory of God.

Has your life stagnated to a status quo? Are you concerned that you might embarrass yourself by going the extra mile? Perhaps it is time to change your thinking and attitude and to adopt a second-mile mindset. Decide today that you will be "fervent in spirit; serving the Lord"! Decide today that whatever you do, you will exceed everyone’s expectations and give your best!

Have a second-mile God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Obadiah-Jonah

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