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Chains of Sin

Today’s Verse:

… For of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. ~2 Peter 2:19b


Addiction is when something has power over the desires and willpower of an individual. Addiction is controlling, enslaving, and overpowering. When a person realizes that he is addicted to a desire or substance, he is under its control. He has been overcome. It is sad to say, but it is a true reality that even a Christian can be under a controlling power that has made him its slave.

We see the cause.

Many Christians are naïve and unsuspecting as to the power of lust, desire, and sin. “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin…” (James 1:14-15a). This verse shows us how a sinful habit or attitude can become controlling. We are drawn away by our own lust, are enticed, and then sin. We allow ourselves to be drawn away in a weak moment. We go back to that sin. Each time we go back to that sin, we are being drawn further into its clutches. Drunkenness starts with just a little drink, and then progresses to constant drinking. Pornography starts with a flirting look, and then results in an insatiable desire for more. Cussing and swearing become a recurring, nasty sin in lives because a Christian is listening to that kind of speech and eventually winds up being caught up in doing the same thing. The devil zones in on what is our “own lust,” and pulls us deeper and deeper into its hold.

We see the captivity.

When a Christian cannot control his anger outbursts, cusses and swears when things upset him, sneaks off to gratify a lustful desire, is constantly irritable and ugly to other people; then this Christian is overcome and in bondage to one or more sins. Being under the control of sinful attitudes and habits is a serious spiritual sickness. It is sickness enflamed by demonic attacks. Bondage to sin makes you its slave. You are not in control of your sin, but it is in control of you. The chains of sinful bondage are not broken easily. These chains weigh you down and impede your progress. Over time, these chains leave scars in your life that you regret for many years.

We see the conquering.

I am thankful that a Christian in bondage can find freedom in our Lord Jesus! The bondage of sin can be broken, and you can be set free from its captivity. First, the chains of sin can be broken where there is heartfelt repentance, confession, and forsaking of sin. When we read three verses later in 2 Peter 2, we read that dogs and hogs go back to their natural ways. We must realize that repentance, confession, and forsaking of sin mean that we are not going back to the sinful ways. Forsaking sin means to abandon it. Then, we must humble ourselves to God and die daily. We must also give ourselves to becoming warriors of prayer. Without committed time in earnest prayer, we cannot have sustainable victory.

We see the consecration.

Consecration means that we give ourselves to developing godliness in our life. Personal separation from sin is part of a walk in the Spirit. Our fellowship must be with Christians who are godly and, likewise, seek to live separated lives. Instead of being under the control of sin, we seek to be under the control of the Holy Spirit.

Are you in bondage? Let the power of Christ set you free and give continuous victory.

Have a conquering God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Ecclesiastes 9-12

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