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  • Alan Fong

How Far Will You Go?

Today’s Verse:

To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man’s line of things made ready to our hand. ~2 Corinthians 10:16

When the Apostle Paul got saved, God also called him to be His missionary to the Jews and Gentiles. Paul would eventually be God’s servant who would help spread the gospel and plant churches in regions beyond Jerusalem. I don’t think Paul fathomed the many places that he would travel to where the gospel would be preached and thriving independent Baptist churches would be established. Paul speaks about preaching the gospel “in the regions beyond you.” Missions is just that: it is a missionary or church planter who takes the gospel to regions and areas beyond our borders and outside of our normal comfort zone.

There is the responsibility in missions.

The spreading of the gospel, making of disciples in every nation, and planting of local churches is the responsibility of every local church. Every church must be involved in fulfilling Matthew 28:19-20. The word for “nations” is the word “ethnos” where we get our word “ethnic” from. It implies getting the gospel to every ethnic group and language. The word “teach” means to make disciples. It involves a patient and methodical strategy of getting sinners to understand the gospel, get saved, be baptized, get grounded in the Word of God, and learn how to win souls and develop disciples of Jesus Christ. What we are required to do is a comprehensive responsibility. It is also a compassionate responsibility. We must love the souls of the people we are called to reach. It is also a continuous strategy that we must work at every day and week.

There is the reach in missions.

Paul said, “To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you.” Jesus said that we are to be witnesses “unto the uttermost part of the earth.” He also said to “teach all nations.” Our reach with the gospel is as far as we can go. We are not to allow culture, distance, language, or anything else to hinder getting the gospel to the regions beyond. It is a pressing endeavor that we must fulfill. We must be compelled to get the gospel out. It is a permeating endeavor that we must fulfill. There is no limitation that God places on this command. Our reach must go everywhere. It is a pioneering endeavor that we must do. We must consider and accept the challenge of being the first ones to take the gospel to where it has never been told once. It is a possible endeavor that we must fulfill. Whatever limitations that we perceive we have, we must step out in faith and believe that God can use us to get the job done.

There is the reward in missions.

When we are doing God’s will of supporting missionaries, sending out missionaries, and seeing churches started, we have extended the influence that God has given us. There is something rewarding in knowing that, as a church, we support churches in Russia, Croatia, Zanzibar, Tanzania, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Argentina. When we financially support the work of missions, there is fruit that abounds to our account. When our missionaries send back reports of people being saved, churches being started, and men being ordained to the ministry, there is something very rewarding in this. God’s will is being done, and a difference is being made for Jesus.

Let us do what we can to get the gospel to the regions beyond us. Let us be pioneering, have great faith, and pray for God to send forth laborers into the fields.

Have a gospel-centric God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Jeremiah 32-34

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