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  • Alan Fong

Where Water Breaks Out

Today’s Verse:

Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert. ~Isaiah 35:6


Deserts are natural wonders of God. They are an ecosystem to themselves. The thought of a desert probably is not exactly your choice of a vacation or paradise stay. However, we want to discover how God works in the desert places of our life and, at the most needed moments, gives us streams in the desert.

There is the place of the desert.

Deserts are typically places that are barren. They are in very low or very high altitudes. Water and rain are scarce in a desert. As a result, there is little to no lushness, little plant growth, and little to no sustenance. Deserts are places where there is much sand and wind. High winds can cause irritating and blinding sandstorms. Deserts are places where there is intense heat. Only certain types of animals can survive the extreme weather conditions of a desert. Deserts can be difficult places. Deserts can be places of death.

There is the purpose in a desert.

Believe it or not, a desert can have a supreme purpose. Moses spent forty years on the backside of the Sinai desert as a shepherd, but it was there where he was called to be God’s prophet. A desert was the place where John the Baptist grew up eating honey and locusts. A desert was where Jesus spent forty days and nights praying and fasting before He began His public ministry. A desert was the location where Philip was sent by God to show an Ethiopian dignitary how to be saved. The desert was where Jesus told His busy and weary disciples to come apart for a while for the sake of their spiritual restoration. A desert always has a unique purpose of God for us.

There is the provision in a desert.

Deserts are where we learn to lean on God for our help and instruction. They are places where distractions are removed and it’s just us and God. A desert is the place where God is called upon to supply for us. In Isaiah 35, we have a picture of what the Millennium will be like. When God is allowed to work in our life, He sends streams in our desert. Where there could be no water, He makes a way. Streams in the desert speak of numerous water sources to refresh us. These streams are verses, chapters, characters, and promises that make our heart rejoice and cause flowers to blossom in our heart. These streams are rivers of living water flowing abundantly in our heart.

Is your spiritual life at a bottom low? Are you feeling spiritually dry, thirsty, and malnourished? Are you experiencing a trial that is depleting you of your energy, strength, and spiritual alertness? If so, look at this desert experience as a means for God to send you streams to supply your need. Strengthen your hands and the feeble knees, and claim your desert as God’s way of restoring your soul!

Have a refreshing God Morning!

Bible Reading Schedule: Proverbs 24-26

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